We're Creating Music Lovers!

The Maple Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra is creating music lovers of our orchestra students, students with special needs, and audience.  We want our musicians to enjoy music so much that they continue to play their instruments – academically, professionally, or just for fun! – long past their time with us in MVYSO.  Our staff is made up of musicians who love music, have had positive youth music experiences, and who want to ensure that our students do as well. To that end, we teach love and enjoyment of music along with the technique required to play with excellence and pride. 

Balanced Approach

Instrumental music tends to attract a distinct kind of student – very driven and high achieving.  We understand that our students are also involved in sports, AP classes, drama, and more, and work to accommodate these diverse interests and busy schedules by offering auditions throughout the season.  For example, November auditions are available to students who have been involved in fall sports, marching band, or who might just be getting used to their school schedules. 

Convenient Schedule

MVYSO orchestra groups meet on Monday nights, with the longest rehearsal being 2 hours.  Our concert schedule varies based on the orchestra group.  We work hard to plan our concert schedule around school holidays, AP testing, area Jazz and Marching Band festivals, etc.

Convenient Location

MVYSO rehearsals are conveniently located right off of Highway 18 in Maple Valley at Taylor Creek Church.  Concerts are primarily held in Maple Valley and Kent.  We are in YOUR backyard!  

Excel Musically

MVYSO boasts a full staff of coaches to work with students in instrument-specific small group sectionals.  With this opportunity to ask questions, get coaching on technique, and work out tricky sections in their music, our students can refine their music skills. We also have an optional summer travel experience each year, where our musicians not only get to perform in a new setting for a different audience, but they also participate in workshops with music industry educators and professionals. 

Connect Socially

Our goal is for every student to feel socially connected while at MVYSO, whether in rehearsals, classes, or at events.  We have staff who look out for the personal well-being of our musicians and a specially trained Student Service Team to facilitate this connection among our students, resulting in bonds that last far beyond their time with MVYSO!  With regular social activities such as Laser Tag, Broomball, and a Corn Maze, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with peers and develop friendships within MVYSO.

Grow Personally

MVYSO’s positive and encouraging environment enables personal growth, allowing students to build confidence, hone leadership and interpersonal skills, and practice responsibility.  

Comfortable Learning Atmosphere

Our students who have experienced other youth symphony orchestras tell us, “The atmosphere (at MVYSO) is comfortable, but we get stuff done.”  We aim for musical excellence, but have fun doing it!

Volunteer Opportunities

MVYSO students have many opportunities to give service by volunteering both within our organization and out in the community, including the Student Service Team (leadership), Music Buddies (working with our Jam Club special needs groups), Musical Mentoring (working with our younger students), and helping with Clean Up the Park Day at Lake Wilderness. 

Deeply Rooted in Community

Considered an integral part of the Maple Valley community, MVYSO is committed to giving back to this place we call home.  In addition to performing the National Anthem at a Seattle Thunderbirds game each year, we support our community by providing entertainment at free family events in Maple Valley, including Hometown Holidays, opening day of the Farmer’s Market, and Fourth of July Fireworks at Lake Wilderness.

Positive Adult Role Models

MVYSO carefully selects staff who are enthusiastic music lovers and who can be positive role models to lead by example. 

Safe Environment

Student safety is of utmost importance to MVYSO, so we have systems in place to ensure our musicians are safe whether we’re rehearsing, performing, traveling, or engaged in social activities.  In addition, all MVYSO staff must pass a state background check before working with our students.


MVYSO works hard to keep tuition low and quality high while offering a generous tuition assistance program.  We want every interested musician to be able to participate, regardless of their economic situation.


MVYSO students come from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds and they possess a variety of physical and cognitive abilities. Students from every background tell us that they feel like they're part of a family at MVYSO.  Jam Club offers students with special needs a unique music education and the opportunity to perform twice a year with our Symphony Orchestra.  Our orchestra students often tell us that their favorite performances are those that include the Jam Club. 


MVYSO is just plain fun! In addition to learning great music and making friends, there are opportunities for travel, social activities, special events (like our Gala), and more! 

What Students Are Saying:

“Being a part of MVYSO helped me with my confidence and helped me to play out more.”  
- Rorie Millward, Bassoon

“You have no idea of the impact MVYSO has had on my life!  I have made friends that I’ll have for a lifetime.”
- Patrick Wickre, Violist